The Internship Chronicles – Maina Chen

By Maina Chen; Professional Writing ’18 Ever since I came to Champlain, I’ve been fighting. I’ve had a difficult road to travel and I’m not close to finishing; but it all started when I decided I wanted to be a Game Writer. Barely had I stepped foot into Accepted Students Day, did my soon-to-be writing […]

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A Day in Kahnawake

By Emily Poltor; Theater (Ohio Wesleyan University) ’17 On the first Friday in November, a few friends and myself met in the Academic Center in Montreal bundled up and wearing shoes to walk in. We piled into a large white van together and took off on that day’s journey — our destination: Kahnawake, a Mohawak […]

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Small Hauntings & Ghost Walks

By Maina Chen; Professional Writing, ‘18 Although it’s no longer October, it’s never too late to write about the month that celebrates all things spectral and spooky—prompting me to give a small shout-out to Fridge Ghost, the house guest to my roommates and I. At the beginning of our move into the residences, there would be […]

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The Internship Chronicles – Kayla Sawyer

By Kayla Sawyer; Game Design, ’18 I hear a lot of people say you have to be crazy to want an internship on top of everything else you do while studying in Montreal. Yeah, I guess you do have to be crazy. Crazy ambitious! I’ve had the amazing opportunity of interning at Edoki Academy this […]

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Credit: The City Farm School Blog

Farming in the City

By Trisha Sanchez; International Business, ’19 On an Autumn Wednesday, our Urban Agriculture (ENP 300) class visited the City Farm School located on Concordia University’s Loyola campus. While we were there, we took a tour of the various types of gardens they had growing. They had grapes, tomatoes, basil, mullein, potatoes, and guar gum. We […]

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