Faculty, Spring 2012

Champlain College’s Montreal Faculty, Spring 2012

Jason Della Rocca – COM 220 Communication and Ethics
Jason is the founder of Perimeter Partners, a consultancy that provides strategic level guidance and expertise to companies and organizations on the boundary, or perimeter, of the game industry. For nearly nine years, he served as the executive director of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA), a professional society committed to advancing the game industry and the careers of developers. Jason was honored for his industry building efforts with the inaugural Ambassador Award at the 8th annual Game Developers Choice Awards. He continues to be an advocate for the expressive power of games and their capacity to change the world.
As a sought after expert on the game industry, Jason has spoken at conferences worldwide (e.g., GDC, Tokyo Game Show, Nordic Game, ChinaJoy, etc), lectured at top universities (e.g., National University of Singapore, McGill, University of Tokyo, Penn State, etc), and has either written for or been interviewed by countless news outlets (e.g., Wired, Edge, Nightline, LA Times, NPR, Wall Street Journal, The Escapist, etc).
Jason has been a member of the game industry for more than a decade, and has previously worked at IGDA, CMP, Quazal, Matrox Graphics, Silicon Graphics and Price Waterhouse. He blogs at www.realitypanic.com and can be reached via Jason [at] PerimeterPartners.com.

Mark Medicoff – COM 230 Small Group Communications
Mark MEDICOFF, MA Media Studies (Concordia University), is a new faculty member of Champlain College. He is a lecturer of business communication at the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University, where he received the distinguished teaching award in 2001. He has also taught small group dynamics at Dawson College. Mark continues to enjoy his work as columnist specializing in travel issues and blogs on subjects relating to budget travel for retirees.

Jim Manson – COR 320 Global Studies II: Human Rights and Responsibilities / HIS 415 Canadian -American Relations
Jim began his academic career in Jamaica in 1980 teaching West Indian history after earning a diploma in education from McGill University. Upon returning to Canada, he completed a Master’s degree at Concordia University in 1983.  During the remainder of the decade, Jim taught in the Quebec public school system and free lanced as a sportswriter for Canadian Press.  He began his university teaching career at Concordia and McGill Universities in 1991 after completing his comprehensive exams towards a doctorate in history (Canadian – American relations) at Concordia. Since 1999, he has served as a history lecturer and academic consultant for Routes to Learning, Canada.  He has written three books dealing with the history of the Eastern Townships – the area where he was born and still resides. His first book entitled, The Loyal Americans of New England and New York was cited as an influence by prominent Canadian historian J.I. Little in his most recent publication. In addition to teaching history his passions include a great affection for 1960’s rock and roll and an unswerving devotion to the New York Yankees and the New York Giants.

Claude Martel – COR 310 Global Studies I: Technology & Development
Claude holds a Ph. D. in EducationalTechnology from Concordia University and is a well-established practitioner andeducator in the training and education Canadian community. He has been in theforefront in the development of Human Performance Technology practices and theimplementation of distance education technology in large corporation andeducational institutions.
Over the last, 25 years, he has held senior roles in large organizations like Pratt and Whitney Canada, Telus,Hydro-Québec and DMR (Fujitsu) Consulting.  He has also worked as anational and international HPT consultant, providing expertise and support tonational and international organization like the Airport council International(ACI), the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the John MolsonSchool of Business and St-Justine Hospital.
He is also a founding member andformer President of multiple training and education association, like theeLearning Alliance and the Quebec chapter of the Canadian society of Trainingand development (CSTD) and he is the current chairman of the Canadian eLearningEnterprise Alliance (CeLEA), the national association of E-Learning producer. In addition, he has managed over 60projects and has implemented HR, communication and training technology solutions in over 30 large organizations.

Annie Khatchadourian – DFM 281 Canadian Culture through Film

Annie was born and raised in Montréal. She attended Concordia University during both her undergraduate and graduate studies. She completed her bachelor’s degree in fine arts, majoring in art history, in 2001, and later received her master’s degree in art history in June 2007. Her thesis dealt with exhibition practices of Canadian cultural establishments regarding First Nations art at the turn of the twenty-first century.

For four years, Annie was a tutorial instructor for an interdisciplinary fine arts course at Concordia University, where she led weekly sessions on topics involving a broad range of arts, relating the Canadian visual and performing arts to greater national and international cultural and social issues.  Since 2008, she has also taught a number of courses in First Nations and Canadian art and culture, and Art History, at Marianopolis College – one of the top pre-university colleges in Quebec. Annie has traveled extensively throughout Europe and has visited various parts of North and Central America, the Middle East and Australia.

Noé Sardet – DFM 281 Canadian Culture Through Film

Noé has always been fascinated by visuals: images and films. By combining creativity and technical skills he found his balance during his training and later in his professional practice as a multimedia designer and audiovisual producer. He finds inspiration in contemporary art forms such as graffiti, music and video art.
He holds several degrees in multimedia design & engineering and art direction. He has worked in several fields such as graphic arts, museum scenography, scientific communication and cultural projects worldwide: New York, San Jose, Montreal and Villefranche-sur-Mer, in the south of France, where he is originally from. His career has shifted slowly towards production, working with moving images, exploring innovative paths of filmmaking.

More recently, he has created Parafilms, a production company based in Montreal specialized in web based video productions: Documentary, animation, live action and fictional films.

Gaspard Petit – EGP 300 Graphic Programming II
Gaspard Petit graduated from Concordia in Software Engineering in 2003. He has since then participated to several software systems at companies such as SoftImage, Discreet Logic, ToonBoom Animations and Artificial Mind and Movement (A2M), revolving around image processing, including MPEG 4 compression, colour correction, chroma keying, GPU based video processing or game programming. He completed a master in computer vision at Universite de Montreal in 2006 focusing his research on motion estimation and has been teaching various graduate and undergrad courses since 2005, including media processing for game development, software engineering and advanced rendering and virtual interactions. Interested in project management, he also completed a MBA in 2008 and started his own company, doing real time image and video processing for the news and broadcast industry.

Patrick Boutot – EGP 310 Game Architecture
“After a short time working as an educator Patrick Mathieu Boutot start working in the video game industry at Ubisoft Entertainment Montreal. He works on critically acclaimed game like Assassin’s Creed and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game. Very technical, Patrick did multiple lectures and training courses for the gaming community. Patrick is currently working at WB Games Montreal.”

XavièreHardy – EGD 320 Game Production
After a Master in Management in Lille (France) at SKEMA business School, Xavière completed in Montréal a specialized Master in Project and Program Management in partnership with UQAM (2005). She decided to stay in Montréal and started to work at Campus Ubisoft as a coordinator for the student final project.  She then worked for Behaviour (formerly Artificial Mind and Movement) on Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings (2007-2009), on Naughty Bear (2009-2010), and on an undisclosed project as a Production Manager. Xavière is currently Project Manager at THQ Montréal on the next Patrice Désilets’ Game.

Guillaume Langlois – EGD 320 Game Production
Guillaume has been a multimedia designer and programmer since he graduated from Ecole Polytechnique Montreal in 2004. He is the president and founder of Space&Dream, a company dedicated to the creation of interactive/immersive experience, some of which have toured the world. He is also very dedicated to education and technology transfer.

Jacque Choi- EGD 345 3D Character Development
Jacque Choi is a 12 year veteran of the video games industry, and graduated from the Emily Carr University in Vancouver BC with a degree in Fine Arts. He has worked all over the industry on games such as Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland, Tony Hawk’s Project 8, Gun, FarCry 2, Rango, and is currently employed at Funcom Montreal as the Principal Character Artist for their upcoming MMO; ‘The Secret World’. He is an active member of various online art communities such as Gameartisans.org, and Polycount.com, and you view some of his work at http://www.jacquechoi.com.  Jacque is thrilled to be teaching at Champlain College, and hopes to really push the students to new heights.

Elie Charest – EGD 380B Advanced Seminar in Game Design
Though Elie Charest has been designing games for almost as long as he’s been playing them, it was only 16 years ago he found out you could actually make a living from it. There’s been quite a bit of gameplay since, from pen-and-paper RPGs (Heavy Gear, Jovian Chronicles) to license-based console games (Scooby-Doo, MySims Racing, Rango), including a 10-year stint as level designer, lead game designer and creative director for Montreal-based A2M and its Chilean Studio Wanako. Recently, Elie has been setting up his own independent studio, Miralupa, with two college friends. The new studio recently released its first title, Chromian Wars, an augmented reality tank battle game for the iPhone/iPad.

Nick Oroc – EGD 380C Advanced Seminar in Concept Art

Nick Oroc has been a concept artist and illustrator for the past 15 years for companies such as Ubisoft (on Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six and Prince of Persia) as well as Behavior Interactive.

Martin Walker – EGD 380P Advanced Seminar in Game Development
Martin Walker, CTO at A2M since 2001, has been involved in commercial software development in Montreal from the mid 80’s. He has spent most of his career in the multimedia arena, working for companies like Matrox Electronics, Softimage and others. He has been a key player in building tools and environments for video productions including special effects and 3D computer graphics. His venture in the gaming industry has evolved into the creation of two generations of multiplatform game engines and the elaboration of an optimized production pipeline to unleash the creative power of artists, designers and programmers on over 60 titles. An avid sci-fi movie viewer and sci-fi book reader you can often find Martin in a quiet cafe reading the latest cyberpunk novels.

Pierre Harvey – INT230 Import/Export

Pierre Harvey benefits from more than 20 years of experience in the field of strategic positioning and market development in more than 26 countries of the world.  He is an expert in corporate training for SME’s in strategic international relations and regional business development with the Northeastern region of the USA.
Fully bilingual, he has been involved with more than 240 SME’s across Quebec, the Maritimes and with over 20 not-for-profit organizations in the field of international trade development in Canada, the US Northeast, Maghreb and Western Africa regions. Mr. Harvey holds a Master’s degree (M.Sc.) in international relations from Long Island University in New York as well as a United Nations Graduate Studies Certificate from the same university.  He also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in history specialized on the Middle Ages from the Université de Sherbrooke.
Mr Harvey is considered an expert in international trade and relations with the New England States.  He also teaches ethics and governance classes with the Executive MBA program of the Centre d’entreprise Laurent Beaudoin of the Université de Sherbrooke.  He is also a regular speaker and advisor with organizations such as the International Trade Center of the World Trade Organization.  He was invited to Montreux, Switzerland back in 2008 during the World Export Development Forum where he presented one his papers: ECO-Sustainable Business Strategies for SME’s: Short Term Pain for Long Term Gain.
He currently acts as the President of the Board of Directors of the Salesian Seminary.  Mr Harvey is married to Hélène Rioux.  They live in Sherbrooke, Qc and have two daughters, Élisa and Laura.

Denis Brault – LAN 110 French I / LAN 215Conversational French

Denis has always believed in lifelong learning – through teaching! He started as a caddymaster teaching teenagers to become expert caddies, then on to coaching hockey to young athletes, and finally moving on to teaching the fine skills of public speaking and debating to high school students. His learning through teaching has continued in a 30-year teaching career in French, punctuated by a 10-year period as a school administrator, where he was responsible for teaching and guiding young teachers. His teaching experience includes Latin, ancient Greek, Greek and Roman history and civilization at McGill, Concordia and Université du Québec à Montréal.
His learning experience has led him to a bachelor’s and master’s degree, and a master’s in education degree from Loyola College, University of Cincinnati and McGill University, as well as teaching diplomas in TESL, TFSL, cooperative learning, reality therapy, history and English literature. Denis is still an active hockey player (another 30-year career!). He is a member of numerous professional associations, and enjoys reading historical biographies and watching PBS music specials. He continues to follow his second passion- hockey. He still plays in an old-timers’ league (another 30-year career). He is married (a third 30-year career!), and has two daughters. One shares his passion for teaching and hockey, and the other is about to begin her own marriage career!

Shona Watt – SCI 155 Global Environmental Science
Shona is passionate about finding solutions to environmental problems. She acquired her B.Sc from the McGill wildlife biology program in Ste Anne de Bellevue. She recently completed her M.Sc in environmental management from the University of Stirling, in Scotland. Her Master’s thesis focused on how Scottish municipalities can use awareness campaigns to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. She has previously worked as an environmental educator and has volunteered for such organizations as the World Wildlife Fund and the Sierra Club. Shona has recently travelled to Sri Lanka, Germany, and Sweden. In her free time, she enjoys nature photography, hiking, and yoga.

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