A Healthy Generosity

By Dehjia Thompkins (BUSA ’18)

Credit: roastedmontreal.com

The place we visited was the NDG Food Depot. This is a place that focuses solely on bettering their community’s health and immune systems.  This place values choice all while making a difference in their community with having high hopes that their small impact will later impact the entire world. This is not a company or organization that benefits off of what they are given by the government! They bank and strive on the large impacts they have on lives of the people that they help. By this I mean that they just don’t give food to people, they are working to ensure that the people who are coming to their organization get the healthy food they need and the healthy food they want!

They also do community dinners which is an amazing aspect while not running income checks or credit checks. They base their doings off of trust. They are trusting the fact that the people who show up to their organization, whether it is for a food basket, dinner or even fresh food and veggie workshops, need help. They do not pester people to volunteer but they encourage the fact that they should partake in the many festivities they have going on. This organization cares about not only their workers but about the people that care enough to better themselves as people and health wise.

During the trip we toured their temporary facility where we had a woman sit us down and talk to us about the Food Depot’s mission statement- why they do what they do and what impacts they plan on having in lives that are in the surrounding community. She also took us on a tour of their small garden which didn’t really produce food but produces some edible plants and showed us their tiny kitchen that this organization works out of on a regular basis. Stating that it is a bit difficult but they make due, it gives a sense that they are extremely passionate about what they do and they try to live up to their mission statement by any and all means necessary.

I enjoyed this trip because it was very informative and also because this is something I am passionate about. I am very involved in the communities around me and am concerned about people that do not have access to food in general and those who have access to food but not enough to support themselves. I care about those who are in need and I often go to organizations to make sure that the people who are in need receive the help they require. I love making people happy and this is a beautiful way to do it.

Touring NDG Food Depot, I learned that you don’t need a permanent space to operate successfully but you do need dedication and people who are interested in the same attributes and goals that you are to make and have a successful establishment. This operation’s biggest challenge is being able to give everyone a choice without running out of supplies.

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