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Academic Center

The Montreal Academic Center is three floors (soon to be four) with a kitchen, lounge areas to relax, labs, staff offices and classrooms.

One Word

We ask students to define their Montreal abroad experience in one word by completing this sentence: What I am taking from my Montreal experience is...

Comiccon 2013

Comic Con is a big event in Montreal and each year it is getting bigger. Here are some photos from one student's experience.


Founded in 1807, The Royal Montreal Curling Club is the oldest active athletic club in North America.

Grevin Wax Museum

Montreal has a new Wax museum and it's great! Here are just a few pics of what to expect when you visit.

Metro Tour

Noe Sardet took his GDD 325 students on a photographic metro tour!

Montreal Biodome

The Montreal Biodome is a beautiful eco and sustainable environment where one can experience a rainforest jungle, the Quebec outdoors and penguins. Come see lynxes, beavers, penguins, birds, monkeys, a sloth! Lots of animals, lots of fun!


What an incredible display of talent and beauty this exhibit was. It lasted the summer of 2013 into the fall but unfortunately it is not longer up. Here are some photos to immortalize the event.

Nomad/Parafilms visit

Nomad Industries and Parafilms are two Montreal companies that work in a common space. Students visited the premises to talk to the people who work there and experience a different type of work setting.

Orientation weekend!

Orientation weekend in Montreal is full of information, a scavenger hunt and lots of fun!

Quebec City

Each semester Montreal students are given the chance to experience the wonders of Quebec City.

Tubing on Mount-Royal

Gigi took willing students tubing on Mont Royal near Beaver Lake

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