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Design Class Expedition

By Nikki Pito I’ll admit that when I signed up for classes in Montreal, I really didn’t know what to expect from the course titled “Duality, Design, and Dissent.” All I knew was that I could count a design class for core credit, and as an artist, why wouldn’t I want to do that? After […]

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Appreciating the Unexpected

Image 8After finally settling into my new dorm room, it was time to explore Montreal. My roommates and I stepped out and decided that maybe we should walk to somewhere near the dormitory, in case we got lost. After a thorough discussion our plan was set: check out the large building down Saint Urbain and Saint Catherine, and then head up Saint Denis to check out what was interesting there. Continue reading

Get your Sketch on!

DSCF5675Looking ahead, the next few days were going to be spent in the labs trying to get work done. Looking back, the last few days were spent in the labs trying to get ahead on the work load. Most of my fellow programmers were away on the Quebec City trip, which left me alone to figure out the problem I was having. Continue reading

GDD 325: The Art of the Montreal Metro

IMG_4640When taking the subway there are many ways to approach the ride. Keep flipping songs on your iPod until you get to a foot tapping tune or people watch the shit out of everyone. But on this particular day my class- Duality and Design took a look at what really shapes the means of transportation around Montreal. Continue reading

ART 220: The Rightful Place of Art

43415716Standing in a ray of sunlight inside what felt like a glass solarium, I tilted my head up to the warmth: a long awaited respite from the grey dregs of winter in Montreal. I looked down on the roof that caught the snow just below the window, busy flooding my pale and pimply skin with fuzzy memories of summer. Continue reading