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The Garden of Lights

By Hannah Cartmel For 23 years, Montreal’s Botanical Gardens have put on an annual light show during the months of September and October. The preparations for this highly anticipated event last all year round; once the team has decided on a theme they send their designs to China where, from December onwards, hundreds of lanterns […]

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They’re Everywhere!

Insectarium03There are few things more terrible than a pop quiz, or rising college tuition, or — well there are more than a few things worse than those. One of them, at least to me, is insects. More specifically, voluntarily agreeing to go to a place that has insects (and plants, but those aren’t scary), to look at and examine them in the name of science. Continue reading

SCI 155 Botanical Gardens Outing

Olympic StadiumWe started our SCI 155 lab excursion on Friday morning by walking through the Olympic Park, which is interesting on its own because of how massive it is. I think that it would be really cool to try to get into one of these buildings just to see their internal structure. Continue reading

Chinese Lanterns for a Birthday Celebration

            In celebration of my birthday on October 3rd, a gang of us took in the Chinese Lanterns exhibit at the Botanical Gardens. While most of us had previously been to the Gardens before, we had never been there at night. I was surprised by what the lanterns looked like; at […]

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