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when i was given real responsibility

DSC01017 2As I crossed the Canadian/American border for the first time in my life just a few months ago, I had no inkling of the whirlwind entry into the game industry that awaited me on the other side.  It all started during the taxi ride from the airport upon my arrival.  I was picked up by the program director, Genevieve.  She mentioned an indie studio looking for a game design intern, and I knew I wanted it. Continue reading

Internship with Minority Media

15317077574_ba3f4ca83b_oMany people think that the games industry is all creative, and while they’re not wrong, there is a huge portion of the video game industry that revolves around business and management. These two things are the part that I like, and that allows me to work in video games alongside some of the most creative people on the planet and not look like an amateur. Which is exactly what I did while working at Minority Media. Continue reading

Working at Hololabs

15939329535_149c4bea99_oHow to begin to describe working at Hololabs? Its, a unique experience to say the least. I work in a loft apartment off of Avenue de Gaspé. Work is strangely quiet aside from me and my boss talking about marketing projects that we have going. I work at a long table that I have made into my desk. We will eat lunch as a group occasionally but for the most part it’s like we’re separate people in one large room. Continue reading