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The Mont Royal Treasure Hunt Day!

mont royal blog 1It was a cold and windy day but my science class and I were not deterred from walking around Mount Royal and picking up garbage! We walked to Mount Royal from the Montreal campus of Champlain College, which took about 15 minutes. When we arrived we put on our nice blue latex gloves and got black colored trash bags for garbage and blue colored trash bags for recyclables. Continue reading

Impressive Redpath Museum Collection

IMG_5043I was somewhat surprised when walking into the Redpath Museum. It wasn’t very far from the Academic Center, only a few bus stops away, and was surrounded by the beautiful McGill buildings. There was even an ice rink right outside the entrance. Once we walked in, it seemed like a completely different place. Walking in the front door, you’re greeted with fossils of all shapes and sizes, as well as different kinds of stuff animals, all with their names and information underneath. Continue reading

They’re Everywhere!

Insectarium03There are few things more terrible than a pop quiz, or rising college tuition, or — well there are more than a few things worse than those. One of them, at least to me, is insects. More specifically, voluntarily agreeing to go to a place that has insects (and plants, but those aren’t scary), to look at and examine them in the name of science. Continue reading

Finding Biodiversity in the Concrete Jungle

biodometitleLearning about the scheduled trip to the Biodome of Montréal, I was beside myself with excitement. Living in a city was something that was very foreign to me; and the language barrier only added to that. I grew up in a town of just under 14,000 people, and my backyard was a forest and a field and a marsh all in one. Continue reading