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I Found My Passion


Yes, same photo as last time!

My second semester as a Game Design Intern at C4M Prod has been a truly eye-opening experience. I will walk away from this semester with the confidence and knowledge that can only be gained from the hands-on experience an internship can provide, and C4M Prod was not an ordinary internship. The responsibilities I was given far exceeded my expectations from last semester and only further increased during my second semester at the company. With a whole semester of experience behind us, the expectations and level of trust were higher than ever. Continue reading

The Mont Royal Treasure Hunt Day!

mont royal blog 1It was a cold and windy day but my science class and I were not deterred from walking around Mount Royal and picking up garbage! We walked to Mount Royal from the Montreal campus of Champlain College, which took about 15 minutes. When we arrived we put on our nice blue latex gloves and got black colored trash bags for garbage and blue colored trash bags for recyclables. Continue reading

Real Life ‘Chievos

fist pic!Life is a game, that’s what they say. Life is usually compared to timeless strategy games like Chess, Go, or Poker, but life is not like any of those games. For one, the graphics in real life are way better. For two, none of those old games have achievements. Life has achievements, arbitrary things we can do to raise invisible numbers. We like it when the numbers go up. Continue reading