Writing the City experiences hockey in Montreal

For my Writing the City final, my three classmates and I got the opportunity most Montrealers don’t ever get. We got to see a Canadiens hockey game from the 5th row off the ice! Samantha, Nicole, Erica, and I (Kayleigh) had so much fun cheering on our teams, watching the fans, and watching the game. Samantha and I came wearing red to support the Canadiens, while Erica and Nicole rooted for the Bruins. Whenever the Bruins scored a goal, they would jump up and cheer, while a sea of red, white and blue fans gave them the evil eye. Sami and I would cover our faces and pretend not to know them.

I was amazed at how great the Canadiens were. I’d never seen anything like it. I was so into the game. I almost lost my voice cheering for goals and fights. There was a huge fight midway through the game. After a Canadiens player body checked a Bruins player, knocking him clear off his feet, the Bruins player came over and rammed the Candadien into the wall. Their gloves came off and they took a boxers stance, circling each other with their fist protecting their face. They beat each other down onto the ice, and the Canadien came out victorious, both going to the penalty box for a minute.

In the end, the game went 4-3, Canadiens. Sami was hoping they’d tie it up and have a shoot off, but the Bruins couldn’t get past the amazing defense of the Canadiens in time. Afterwards we met up with our professor, George, to wrap up the class, go over our final papers, and say our goodbyes. We all had an amazing night, maybe one of the best nights I’ve had in Montreal.
By: Kayleigh Blanchette

From left: Samantha, Kayleigh, Erica, Nicole