Cultural excursion to Chinatown

Students in COR310 (Global Studies I: Technology and Development) went to Chinatown for a tour, Dim Sum, and a show of a Chinese Opera. The students were even interviewed by the Chinese local paper. Game artist Michael Holm tells us more:
Students with their tour guide in Chinatown
Performers get ready for the Chinese Opera

“The China Town trip was pretty great as far as school excursions go.  I was totally taken aback by how much there was to see and do there, since I typically just walk up and down the street, occasionally stopping in a store for food or something.  There’s a couple of bakeries down there that are INCREDIBLY cheap and INCREDIBLY delicious, serving their own Chinese baked goods, drinks, and other assorted things.  A couple of us grabbed lunch there and then met up with our tour guide who showed us some clips of traditional Chinese artists, taught us about the area, and did her best to teach us a little Chinese.  My own failings in attempting to learn the Chinese language didn’t disappoint, as I could barely remember a single number out of the ten she taught us.  It was hilarious nonetheless and we were exposed to some interesting Chinese cultural exchanges, such as the shopkeeper who enthusiastically gave us colorful cards with a cartoon rabbit on them, signifying the current year of the rabbit.  The culmination of this big expedition ended with the Chinese Opera, performed by students from Concordia.  It was a little different than we expected, particularly due to once scene about the Monkey King being re-enacted 5 times with  different people, but all in all, I think we all had quite a good time and learned a lot more than we may have expected to from another journey into Chinatown.”