La Biosphere

The students in the science class visited the Biosphere– an environment museum in Montreal. There, they learned about water and recycled materials. The newest exhibit was ONE: Outfits from Another Era, an artistic collection of 16 dresses made from discarded material. A dresses made of fish skin and fishing line, bullet cartridges, pill containers, and other materials were on display. This innovative and stylish exhibition was really well presented. 

Students learning about dams
 in the water exhibit

Paper lantern dress
The Biosphere is located inside a giant geodesic dome, created for Expo 67 as the American Pavilion. After a fire which destroyed the acrylic covering, only the metal lattice remained, and the structure was unused for decades. The Biosphere opened in 1992 as a museum about the environment.
Montreal Campus’ Professor Noé Sardet helped create a video about the launch of O.N.E.