Food Discoveries and Montreal Experiences

Welcome back loyal readers! Since you last heard from me, I have been out and about in Montreal experiencing more culture! It is absolutely amazing how diverse this city is. All cities are diverse to an extent, but Montreal is truly an exceptional place to experience many different cultures that you might not get back home.  For example, I have found my new favorite food…you’d never guess. Lebanese! Some of you may have never even heard of Lebanon! Its a little country near Syria and Israel. Their food is phenomenal! Even the small shops and fast food stands have huge cylindrical slabs of meat slowly cooking(usually over a fire or in an open oven). Order the Shawarma! You can thank me later!

Other great food cultures represented in Montreal are Vietnamese, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, French, and even Jamaican(just to name a few)! There is definitely something for everybody. No matter what your tastes are, you are sure to find something (probably many things) that suit you.

The city’s multicultural background displays itself in every facet you can imagine. From art to architecture and from languages to food, being in Montreal is like standing in the doorway of the world!

To better experience this, Champlain College has set up an AMAZING outline of activities and outings! So far we have been given countless tours and met heads of major companies from a variety of industries . We have been steadily given the opportunities to visit major companies whose industries range from business to game design to advertising to shipping companies,etc. Even tomorrow we have been given the chance to go and meet with/learn from CBC News.

Academics are still going great! We just had the majority of our Mid Terms this week! Keep your fingers crossed for me, loyal readers! 🙂 The weather is finally starting to change a bit! The hot days have become slightly less hot. This afternoon ice fell from the sky. If I could, I would stick my glass in the window well. It sure beats walking all the way to the freezer, right?

All is well, faithful readers, all is well. Until next time.

– Nathaniel Colleran, Montreal Blogger