Curling 101

To me, Curling was previously a sport that I had only ever seen on television, where participants would scream fanatically at their teammates to sweep at the ice right in front of the rock they had slowly bowled away.

Following several requests from students to arrange a curling outing we were making our way to The Royal Montreal Curling Club for a lesson followed by a match.  As it turned out, the local curling club was also the oldest running fitness club in North America, dating back to 1807.

At the club we learnt that the sport was actually created by the Scottish some time ago.  In short, curling is a bowling-style sport set on ice that is very coarse due to a unique method watering the ice known as beading.

After watching a how-to video we took to the ice to practice several lunging exercises.  Once we food our balance we began to gently release the rock at the end of our stride with a gentle spin as the technique goes to ensure a more direct trajectory.

As we began to put more technique together, the subtle art of altering the speed of the rock using sweeping techniques became the next element in our learning curve.

After a two hour session we had learnt enough to play a proper game and we were surprised to find that the sport of curling was very engaging and has a very enjoyable social aspect.

We decided on the spot that curling will surely become a Champlain Montreal tradition and we are looking to get another outing in soon.

Written by Duncan McKenna
Activity Coordinator
@ Champlain Montreal