Port of Montreal Visit

Recently, Montreal International Business Students were received by the Montreal Port Authority.  Our host was a very vibrant an animated gentlemen with a great deal of experience in the shipping industry and many great stories and anecdotes.

Much of our conversation was spent huddled around a massive model of the Montreal port that took a retired employee a decade to perfect.  This brilliant model helped facilitate a thorough conversation on the logistics of what is essentially the premier port to the heart of North America.


Montreal also once held the title as the world’s greatest exporting port.  The many gorgeous photos and emblems of the port’s past days complimented out discussions on the rich history of the port and its many phases of transformation it has undergone.
Please see the video below for a very well animated walk through of the well recognized and logistically efficient Port of Montreal.

Written by Duncan McKenna
Activities Coordinator @
Champlain College Montreal Campus