McCord Museum: ART 220

On August 30th the Art 220 class took a trip to Montreal’s famous McCord Museum. At the McCord we saw several exhibits that gave us a little insight of Canadian culture thorough the many pieces on display. We first saw several political cartoons that were in both English and French. These cartoons were very similar in humor to our US cartoons. Many of the cartoon even poked fun at our county and its leaders. After this exhibit we made our way into the modern Inuit exhibit. There were numerous paintings and sculptures all made from Inuit artists. Most of these artists came from Nunavut, Canada’s most Northern Province. On our way to points of view exhibit we saw a massive totem pole that stood from the bottom most floors to the top.

The “Points of View” exhibit was personally my favorite exhibit that we visited. It showed off 10 different facets of Montreal’s history and how the city came to be how it is today. I honestly learned a lot about the city from this exhibit alone. The last exhibit we visited was the Edward Curtis exhibit. Inside it showed off several of his more famous photos from his massive collection of photography of Native North Americans. It was very sticking to see photos from so long ago that seemed so representative of whom these tribes actually were. Overall our class had a very enjoyable experience at the McCord and would encourage anyone who has not yet been to check it out.

Post by Connor Fullerton, Fall 2012