Chinese Lanterns for a Birthday Celebration

            In celebration of my birthday on October 3rd, a gang of us took in the Chinese Lanterns exhibit at the Botanical Gardens. While most of us had previously been to the Gardens before, we had never been there at night. I was surprised by what the lanterns looked like; at first I was expecting a display of traditional lanterns throughout the Chinese Garden. It was quite the shock to see the first few lanterns we came across in the shapes of a peacock and people. I had never seen anything quite like it before!

 The lanterns were beautifully made and it was obvious a great deal of craft and dedication was needed to make them. The people were almost life-sized, and some of the animals were larger than us! There was a lot of amazement to see before arriving at the main display which we eventually discovered hovering over a pond in the Chinese Garden.  It was a fantastic display to take in in a single glance yet there was still much more to see hidden along the meandering paths of the garden.  There were pathways all throughout the garden lined with more exquisite lanterns.

            After walking up the somewhat treacherous path to the highest point of the exhibit, it was easy to see the main display and the entirety of the spectacle.  Even the buildings had lights fastened to their roofs and walls, outlining them and blending everything together.

We also visited the Japanese Garden and the Aquatic Gardens which were lit up as well.  We were so caught up in all the beauty that by the time we made it back to the Chinese Gardens to ensure we had not missed anything the exhibit had been closed for half an hour! We finished off the evening fittingly by eating at a Chinese restaurant. It was easily one of the more interesting and exciting birthdays I have had yet. It was an amazing experience, and not one I will forget.