EA & Bioware Visit

Champlain’ Montreal students recently had their turn at visiting the studio of gaming-industry heavy weights EA & Bioware; champions of countless sport games and Mass Effect 3.  The very kind HR Representative who headed the tour of the company grounds also afforded us a good hour of time from three senior Producers, Developers and Artist. 

The visit took on a different feel than the many other company tours experienced in Montreal as the staff led the discussion into an informational interview-like format allowing students to extract as much information as they like versus the more convention talk on what their company does and what it is like working for them. 

Champlain students demonstrated well that they are eager to break into the industry as they kept the conversation lively with very specific and intelligent questions that had the professionals digging deep for responses.   Students walked away with very valuable insight from their idolized hosts and hands for of EA souvenirs, games and smiles on their faces.   

Written by Duncan McKenna
Activities Coordinator
Champlain College, Montreal Campus