Salvador Dali Emerges in Montreal

Last Wednesday we jumped on a rather random mid-Wednesday opportunity to view a very special work of art by a very special painter- Salvador Dali.  Dali was known for painting rather large surrealist paintings with fascinating and busy content.  
What made this work of art unique are two exceptional characteristics; the painting was 45 feet in width and 15 feet tall and had not been seen since 1949 in London where is had since gone “missing”.

The work of art was produced to as a curtain that served as a backdrop for a Ballet.  Last Wednesday, Place des Arts, the hub of nearly all facets of art in Montreal offered up three public viewings throughout the day in what would be a one-day opportunity to view the piece before it would go on to serve its original purpose- as a backdrop for the ballet La Veritas which will kick off in Montreal in January.

Our view of the painting from the upper balcony of Place des Arts.
Note the presenter in the bottom right corner providing scale.
Montreal’s rich art scene for provides such an elating mid-week thrills as this.  Such access to the arts is undeniably uplifting and food for the soul.  Come and see for your self.

For more info on the painting follow this link to the CBC report.

written by Duncan McKenna
Activities and Residence Coordinator @ Champlain College, Montreal Campus