Z-Brush Guest Speaker: David Giraud

David Giraud’s School of ZBrush and Wizardry

The 3D Modeling 2 class was recently visited by David Giraud perhaps better known by some as his online handle Mojette.  David is a professional ZBrush wizard and was kind enough to share with us some of his art talk to us about his artistic process and making it in the industry.   He was even persuaded by way of our persistent badgering to share some of his ZBrush techniques.

            Whilst the lab’s largest display played a recording of David’s sculpting process (the full video above or @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PoS2lJuAVI4)  our ears were treated to an insightful lecture on the artistic process.  Mr. Giraud stressed above all else persistence.  He cited his own personal projects which he accomplishes during his lunch breaks and other odd bits of free time despite a full time job and several children to look after.  I don’t think many would argue that constant practice is an excellent way to hone one’s skills and that point was well made by Mr. Giraud.   He did however, posses one uncommon view in that when asked what he looked for in a prospective artist Mr. Giraud answered that he prizes artistic talent over technical skill.   A view at odds with what other speakers have told our class.  It is always interesting to see the differing views within the games industry.  

            The ZBrush techniques that Mr. Giraud was kind enough to show us ranged from the astonishingly clever to the mind bogglingly awesome.  I am no stranger to 3D sculpting and in the 20 minutes or so we watched Mr. Giraud sculpt he did things that a day before I would have said were quite impossible.  One of the most shocking things our class was subjected to was the concept of hard surface modeling done entirely within ZBrush.  We learned that while ZBrush was certainly never designed for modeling of that sort, with a bit of cleverness and artistic talent it’s sculpting tools can be harnessed to create hard surface models of exceptional quality. 

            In the hour or so that David Giraud talked to us not only did we gain useful insight into the artistic process but our concepts of what is possible with 3D sculpting programs was redefined.   As for as speakers go I would give Mr. Giraud a 9/10.  Definitely would listen to again. 

David Giraud’s Blog:  https://davidgiraud-mojette.blogspot.ca/
and youtube channel:  https://www.youtube.com/user/Lilsister75

written by Chris Bresnahan
Junior Year Game Art @ Champlain Montreal