THQ Tour

Champlain Montreal studios recently had the opportunity to visit THQ headquarters.  Originally a toy manufacturer, the company has come quite a ways in their transition towards becoming a major video game developing company.  Their office in the heart of old Montreal is indeed impressive, as the most recent studio to take shape it is also ramping up to become the largest of all THQ studios. 

We were once again met by company representative and friend of Champlain Montreal, Johan, who kindly afforded us a great deal of time and a wide variety of information about the industry in general, THQ and their vision for the future.  After a tour of the company grounds, we retired to the lounge/ultimate hang-out, home theatre room were Johan’s lecture continued.  As the conversation led to opportunities for Champlain students at THQ, three intern recruiters arrived to join the conversation and discuss what exactly they are looking for and how to go about finding it.

At the end, business cards were exchanged, a solid impression was made by THG and Champlain students left quite elated from having been so well received by a factory of wonders like THQ.     

written by Duncan McKenna,
Champlain Montreal Activities Coordinator