Beginnings of Import Export

I had my first class in Montreal today-International Import and Export. 6PM isn’t exactly the worst starting time I’ve had. Even while discussion the syllabus, I was learning new things about an industry I had thought was straight forward. Five minutes in I learned that even packaging is a factor in if the product is accepted or legal. The Professor was very accompanying in terms of additional topics. As a history buff, I said how much I’d love to learn about the history of water traffic between the Americas and how the Old Port quarter came to be, and the professor said he’d touch on it later. The class itself consists of 7 students, small even by Champlain standards, and I felt the Professor got to learn a lot about each of us in the time allotted. Even as a Game Production student, I found that I was intrigued even by the minutiae of the definition of importation. I’m looking forward to learning more in the coming months, especially through the several on-site business trips we have planned.

– Jason Wiles, Game Design Major, Spring 2013