T.A.G. – Meeting New People in a New Country

I first heard of the Technoculture, Arts, and Games through an email. Formerly known as T.A.G., the group is represented by college students at Concordia University who come together to discuss topics such as video games, culture, current events, and other areas of interests. I went on google for the directions, to find that it was a half hour walk from the dorm. Meetings are held at 1515 St. Catherine Street West, on the 11th floor. Once I got the directions, I gathered my shoes, bundled up with coats (it was COLD outside!), and headed out the door. With a Arizona Rasberry Iced Tea in hand, I traversed through the cold streets of Montreal. While walking through the streets, I couldn’t help but think about what this experience would be like. Would the students even like me? Are the students familiar with Champlain College, Montreal Campus? What if I wouldn’t be included in the club because I didn’t study at Concordia University? Even still, I walked the cold streets until I hit the building. 1515 St. Catherine street, this was it.

Upon entering the 11th floor, it took me a while to figure out the right room (20 minutes, to be precise). Once I finally found the room, I was greeted with a warm welcome of people inside a small room. Inside the room were 4 computers used for gaming and research. A huge flat screen hung near the door with a myriad of games in a small cabinet nearby. In the middle was a big white table for students to place their work and laptops to. The first person I met with was Carolyn Jong, a student who welcomed me and introduced me to people. After a few minutes in the room, I greeted and shook hands with many interesting students inside the room. Some of the students and staff include Stuart Thiel, JoDee Allen, Jason Bergy, Jessica Marcotte, William Robinson, Thorston Busch, and various other students. The meeting turned out to be very casual, with students cracking open drinks, eating snacks, and chatting about topics of interest. I went around the room, talking to people and giving personal insight as to what my purpose is in Montreal, CA. After that first meeting, I can say that I absolutely loved attending the meeting. Everyone in the group was fun, smart, humorous, and knowledgeable about the video game industry here in Montreal. All my worries about the group flourished after that first meeting. Upon exiting the room and heading down the elevator, I was filled with joy and happiness about my new group of friends I made here in the T.A.G. meetings.

What I learned after attending the meeting is that I should not be afraid to go to new clubs/meetings. I should be more adventurous and seek out new connections in new places. This was a fantastic opportunity to step outside of the Champlain bubble and meet new people in a different college here in Montreal. After that first meeting, I am confident to say that I will be heading back to that small room on the 11th floor and talk more with my new group of friends. This was an interesting Thursday night I will never forget

  Written by Jonathan Carey, majoring in Management of Creative Media with emphasis in Game Production