First Import/Export Outing: Panalpina

On Febuary 1st of 2013 my Import/Export class went on a trip to visit the company where our teacher, Frederic Chevallier holds an extremely important position. The company we visited is called Panalpina, and it is an innovative import export company that has been in operation for about one-hundred years. They have about five-hundred offices around the globe, in eighty different countries, which employ many people about fifteen-thousand of them all together. My class was lucky enough that one of their offices was located fairly close to us in Montreal, Canada at 2520 Avenue Marie-Curie. This particular office has been open for about sixty years and has about one-hundred-twenty-five employees that work there. On this visit our class learned a lot about how the import/export business actually works. I was very interested to learn that they have very similar security and safety precautions to a job that I work back home and because of this they have to be extremely cautious about certain things such as; only some people are allowed in certain areas of the warehouse, and everyone has to wear special safety gear when in the warehouse. The core activities of this company are; air freight, ocean freight, and logistics. They work with some key industries which are; consumer retail, fashion, oil and gas, healthcare, automotive and manufacturing, chemicals, and technology. I was amazed at how high profile some of the clients they work with are.

It was very interesting how many different products and services they offer. I think this was a once in a lifetime experience for me and it definitely made me look at some of the products I purchase in a new light. Just remember that next time you purchase a product that was made in another country than the one you are purchasing it in, that it had to arrive there somehow, and that is when companies such as Panalpina come into play.

-Written by Sonya Chiarella, Montreal Spring 2013