Marketing Internship at Origin

 My name is Ryan. I am 21 years old hailing from Oceanport, New Jersey. Currently I am in my junior year of school pursuing a BA degree in Advertising/Marketing at Champlain College, located in Burlington, Vermont. I decided early on that I would spend my spring semester studying abroad here in Montreal at one of Champlain Colleges satellite locations. (Yes, I realize 2 hours north of home isn’t exactly everyone’s idea of “studying abroad”). But nevertheless I wanted to fulfill my marketing internship requirement somewhere I’d be immersed in the industry, and thanks to Origin, that’s exactly where I’m at.

Some may ask, With all the agencies in the city, how did I land at Origin?

Well the one thing you must know about me is that snowboarding is my absolute passion. I started riding at age 6 and ever since I’ve been infatuated by the sport and everything it encompasses. This being said, the mountains will forever be my home. But at the same time I love being apart of a bustling city scene where there’s always something happening. These two characteristics clearly reflect in my living situations the last few years. As long as I can get to a mountain in an hour or less I’m a happy camper.

Now back to that question. When researching companies I was interested in potentially interning at, I had one prerequisite in mind that needed to be fulfilled. Most could probably guess what that requirement was… For the rest of my life I will always want to be apart of the mountain sports community. I currently have a total of 6 years experience in sales, the most recent year spent at Burton Snowboards. All 6 of those years have been with businesses who are a part of the ski/snowboard industry. Considering the fact that Origin focuses just about all of their business in this same area, I couldn’t imagine finding a better place to apply for an internship. After speaking with the Origin Montreal director I just knew this was exactly where I wanted to be.

My duties include doing research on a number of clients including the key retailer accounts (The North Face brand stores and independent retailers), as well as researching competitive clients and preparing competitive analysis documents while reviewing and uploading content for websites. I like to think that one of my strongest attributes is my creativity. Origin most definitely seems like the type of environment where creativity is constantly flowing, so I plan on bringing my A game to the table. I greatly look forward to the months to come at Origin, and plan on making the most of every minute.

– Written by Ryan Terry, Advertising/Marketing major, Montreal Spring 2013