Winter fun in Montreal!

If there is one thing Montreal can offer in abundance it’s snow. So why not enjoy it! We also happen to have a mountain smack in the middle of the city. Some like to laugh at our mountain and call it a mole hill, but we Montrealers love the mountain we call Mont Royal and what it offers us year round.

During the winter months there are many activities available to the snow brave. You can bring your skies and go cross country skiing on the groomed trails, bring your skates and go skating at Beaver Lake, bring your board and go freestyle, or take a nice invigorating walk and enjoy the beautiful view.

If you don’t have any of those things don’t fret, you can rent them at the main house near Beaver Lake, accessible by car or public transportation. You can rent cross country skis, tubes for tubing, snowshoes, and skates at reasonable prices.

Visit Les amis de la montagne website for more information about rentals, guide maps, or general information about things to do.

Here are some photos of our time tubing last Friday with the Montreal students of Spring 2013!