Rendez-vous du Cinéma Québécois

The Rendezvous du Cinéma Québécois is an annual film festival held locally in Montreal, Quebec. This year marked the 31st edition of the festival, and it was held from February 21st until March 3rd. Created in 1982, the festival aims to showcase the immense amount of cinematic talent in Canada. Indeed, it helps keep film culture alive and thriving in the country. Over the course of a little over a week, the festival screened over 300 films. By simply looking at the list, one can tell of the extreme diversity and freshness of the lineup, for it transcends all genres, from comedies about hockey, to documentaries about gender. The festival even showcases student films and awards a cash prize to the best one. From what I’ve seen, a majority of Canadian films seem to have a more authentic, real feeling to them in comparison to Hollywood blockbusters. 
Personally, I went to see the film Goon, a comedy about a security guard turned hockey player. The film itself was quite funny, though the plot was not all too thought-provoking or heavy, but I really did enjoy the cinematography. Jam packed with shallow-focused shots to create a beautiful bokeh background, Goon shows that one does not need a big, Hollywood production to create powerful images. Ultimately, the Rendezvous du Cinéma Québécois pays homage to the hardworking, indie filmmakers of Canada. It was an amazing opportunity to be able to experience a small piece of this thriving culture. 
– Written by Kelsey Smith, Digital Media student, Spring 2013