Filming at Full Range Concert

This semester, I am interning at Nomad Industries, a content agency run by Jason Rodi. Over the last few weeks, I have been editing a number of videos; however, yesterday I was asked to help film a concert at the Petit Campus on Prince Arthur. I have filmed a concert before at the Signal Kitchen in Burlington, but I am glad to have had the opportunity to film with Jason. We had one tripod set up in the back, with a camera on it constantly rolling. Jason and I both had our own Canon DSLRs as well. The lighting was set up well, with a purple essence to the backdrop, which made the shots look better. It was a great experience, and I learned more about my camera and this type of filmmaking as well. Unfortunately though, my SD card ran out of room near the end of the performance, so I missed the last five or so minutes. I’m not used to filming such long takes, so I definitely plan on getting a bigger SD card soon.

The band we filmed is called Magnitude6, and it is comprised of five brass players, a drummer, and a digital audio technician. The combination of all these instruments creates a very unique and interesting sound, and is much different from anything I have ever heard before. Each set had a different composer, so it all sounded very completely unique. Each song lasted about ten minutes long.
The show was also sponsored by Montréal en Lumière, which is a two week long event, occurring once every year, with numerous activities and programs. These activities get residents of Montreal back outside, in the hopes of reclaiming and bringing light to the cold winter. 
Written by Kelsey Smith, Digital Film major, Spring 2013