Gameloft Visit

Visiting Gameloft caught me off guard. I had no clue of the history of the company, and of the scale on the production of their games. I really like their team sizes, along with their budget for mobile games. The team sizes are big enough to make the games they produce in a reasonable amount of time, while they’re not too big to the point where a member is just a number. The budgets on their games are outstanding for the mobile platform, along with the titles they produce.

The games they make for mobile rival the quality of those on portable game consoles. Little did I know, the CEO’s of both Gameloft and Ubisoft are brothers, settling my curiosity for how Gameloft can produce Prince of Persia and Assassin’s Creed titles for mobile platforms. I never really knew how big of a company Gameloft is, and I find their company among those that I can see myself comfortably and happily working for.

– Written by Bryan Gabay, Game Design Spring 2013