La Banquise

Pour ma classe de francais, nous sommes alles a La Banquise pour manger!
Ahem, sorry this French thing is getting to me.  In case you couldn’t decipher the above, our french class recently visited La Banquise restaurant (although it is more reminiscent of a burger joint).  Walking in, one is immediately hit with the atmosphere of the place.  The smell of the grill which is directly in front of you cooking burgers, sandwiches and dozens of poutines wafts through the place.  We waited to be seated and took a long study of the menu.  To my surprise, the place was insanely cheap.  If you are a college student on a budget in Montreal, this is a must on your places to go!  The menu featured various hamburgers, club sandwiches (the chicken club was delicious), and other typical grilled items as well as breakfast served all day and daily soup/dessert.  Oh, and if poutine’s your thing, then this is the place for you!  La Banquise’s menu features 28 different kinds of poutine all in the $6-$15 range (depending on a small or full-size)!  Fear not fellow health nuts, because they also have a “healthy menu”, although it still wasn’t too healthy.  When in Rome though, am I right?  The atmosphere was relaxed and the service was quite friendly.   All in all, the visit was pleasant and speaking French with our professor outside of the classroom was a nice change of pace.  The food was good – everyone said that they enjoyed what they ordered. 
Written by Ross Derham, Game Design major, Spring 2013