Shopping in Montreal

Montreal is a metropolitan center in which thousands of people visit every year to shop and enjoy its cultural flare.  It doesn’t matter what your style is—you are bound to find the right shopping for your fashion taste in this city.  There are many different parts of the city, and each is equally unique.  Montreal is known for its French influence, and the French are certainly recognized for their amazing style.  I’m going to outline a few different sections of the city and the shopping that each entails. 
Saint Catherine is arguably the most well-known street for shopping among tourists in the city.  This street holds some of the largest department and chain stores, along with other smaller shops.  Some of the shops include Zara, Urban Outfitters, H&M, and Little Burgundy.  Some of the largest Canadian department stores that you must see are located on Saint Catherine Street—the Bay, Simons, and Birks and Ogilvy, to name some.  Saint Catherine is home to various underground malls that Montreal is famous for, as well.
If you’re looking for more eclectic shopping, the Plateau and the Mile End are your spots.  These are the perfect locations to find pieces that you may not find anywhere else—thrift shops, boutiques, and unique shops fill the streets.  The Plateau, in particular, is very French influenced.  If you go all the way up to Beaubien station, another spot to be sure to check out is Plaza St-Hubert.  This is a large outdoor strip mall with many different shops.
Although Montreal is such an amazing place for fashion, learning to budget my money has been very important.  It’s definitely true that it’s easy to not realize how much you spend here, especially since Canadian prices are more expensive.  My advice to other students is that you can still do it all, in moderation.  By setting a weekly amount not to exceed, I have figured out where my priorities lay.  Know your style and hit the spots that may be of the most interest to you.  Shop on, Montreal!


Post by Lindsey DeBerry, Graphic Design major, Spring 2013