Film Internship: NOMAD Industries

This semester I had a great opportunity to intern at Nomad Industries, a trans-media production company that creates content for a number of different outlets, from the web and television, to events and installations. Nomad aims to explore new media frontiers as well as the world. It is located in a building deemed Nomad Nation, situated in the Montreal Mile-End. Nomad Nation is a two-story building, with both a production and recording studio on the first floor, and office space for artists on the second floor. Here, video artists, animators, editors, graphic designers and the like gather to create.


     Nomad Industries was created in 2006 by Moment Factory founder Jason Rodi. Jason was also my site mentor throughout the semester. After climbing Mt. Everest with his father, he created a documentary entitled Eye of the Son. He is also an award-winning experimentalist, and created a docu-fiction entitled 99¢ dreams which was filmed on seven continents. As one of my goals for the semester was to step outside my comfort zone and to take risks, I was very excited and eager to be able to work with someone like Jason.
            Here, I was always working on a project, from a series entitled Intersection, to a group of interviews for the World Anti-Doping Agency, which features past and current Olympians. As so, my technical editing ability has grown immensely this semester. Before coming to Montreal, I had always used Adobe Premier Pro to edit, but at Nomad I use Final Cut and I can now say I am proficient in both. Furthermore, after filming a concert with Jason at the Petit Campus on Prince Arthur, I already have discovered more about my camera and am now more prepared to film live events. Another accomplishment this semester was being able to interact with film professionals on a daily basis. I was able to converse with them about their projects, their views on video and storytelling, and simply by doing this my outlook on the world of professional filmmaking has expanded.
More importantly, I have solidified my desire to enter this industry. Indeed, I have spent my last few years at Champlain wavering on whether or not I wanted to switch majors and go into Broadcast and Streaming Media. I have realized, however, that the major I graduate under is not as important as having a strong portfolio and a passion to do what I want do. Thus, I know now that I want to create content for businesses, all the while not losing my initial passion that got me into filmmaking to begin with. I was uncertain if I could do this in a creative way, but Jason has proved me wrong, for the work he makes is executed so well.
Now, I am at the end of the semester, and I look back on it with so much gratitude. Studying in Montreal was by far the best career move I could have ever made, and I have decided to take a paid internship for the summer at Nomad. I am very excited for what new opportunities this summer will give me, and I cannot wait to advance myself in this field. All that I’ve been working towards over the past few years is culminating into something real. My dreams are resting in my hands and Montreal is a place where I can turn them into a reality.
Written by Kelsey Smith, Digital Film major, Spring 2013