Gameloft Visit

Montreal is a large hub for game development with Eidos, Ubisoft, Behaviour, and Funcom being a couple of the many studios nearby.  Today we embarked on a journey to visit Gameloft, one of the largest mobile developers on the industry responsible for games such as Asphalt 8, Dispicable Me: Minion Rush, and Gangstar Vegas.  Getting there was as simple as getting on the metro and waiting three stops.  On the third stop we left the train and emerged from the metro to see Gameloft’s building just across the street!  Once we were up on the tenth floor the fun really started.

 The lobby had many eye catching features.  A beautiful view of the city that included the Olympic   Signed posters of Gangstar Vegas, Modern Combat 4, and Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory hung from the walls.  The two smaller fun things in the lobby were a statuette of Sam Fischer from the Splinter Cell series which sat on the receptionist’s desk and a Marvel Super Heroes arcade cabinet ready for anyone to play.  A man named Nicholas came out to introduce himself and have us sign NDAs before taking the tour.  Once that was settled we entered the studio to see well over 70 people working at their computers and talking with each other.  Everyone had their own personal touch at their workstations: Birdo plushie on monitors, Kratos statuette posing on a computer, and some cases of games previously worked on to name a view pieces of flare.  We were shown each department/team and were given a breakdown of what they do/are currently working on.  I hadn’t expected to see a work area setup so close and casual in a game company that produces AAA quality games.  It makes me really appreciate the curriculum and labs at Champlain College because seeing all the different teams working together made me remember working with my teams in Game Production 1.  The atmosphere in the office was very comfortable and noncompetitive.  Everyone just wanted to make awesome games for others to play.

Carlos Gutierrez, Game Design Major, Official Blogger, Fall 2013