Mont-Royal Sketching

557729_10153229831640612_1352353461_nFor the last few weeks of the summer Fred Hultqvist, the founder of, ran a weekly Sunday meet up and draw at the local Second Cup coffeehouse. After getting there and seeing the group of people huddled over laptops and sketchpads in the corner, I knew I was in the right place. Lots of local artists were there, some freelance and some working for specific studios, just to sit and hang out with other fantastic artists at Second Cup.

Eventually when everyone had showed up, we made our way down the street towards Mt. Royal. Once we got to the mountain, it was quickly decided that the best spot to set down was right next to the live action role-playing (LARP) that also happens on the mountain every Sunday. Everyone pulled out their sketchbooks and started to draw everything they could. Some were focusing on the faces of just a few, or the stances the players were in, or even re-imagining of the painted foam weapons they held.

We made our way further up the mountain to the overlook, stopped to admire the skyline, and got treated to some Led Zeppelin by some really talented singers posted up there. We walked along to Beaver Lake, and sat down to draw some more. Even Chris Niremberg from Eidos stopped by with Margaret van Dyke, a Champlain alumni who now works at Ludia Games.

It was a great afternoon by and by, and being able to see the awesome work from other artists was a great experience. Everyone was friendly, and made for some good conversation and sketch buddies.

– Ryan Leslie, Game Art Major and Montreal RA, Fall 2013