The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts Permanent Collection

20131011_154646The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts exhibits an amazing display of art from all facets of Canada. From the traditional Inuit sculpture to the paintings done by the group of seven many different mediums are there to be seen with a menagerie of styles and executions.  Though out our tour we saw art covering many different events in Canada’s history such as painting done to express the merging of first native cultures with Canadian colonist and the effect it had in the native culture and environment. In all, I think the best exhibit was the Inuit display where you could see sculpture upon sculpture made from 20131011_155522soapstone and animal bone. The sight of such stylized and impressionistic views of man and life from the perspective of first nation peoples is an amazing sight to behold. Visiting the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts was a worthwhile venture and one that should be shared.






– Noah Jones Drayton, Game Art Major, Fall 2013