Winter sports: The Perfect Fall Activity

2013-10-03+11.44.04In the past two weeks, I have taken the students skating and curling. both are sports that require ice and cold conditions and so while the sun shone down on us we all decided to head indoors for some cold winter sport action. Why, you may ask? Well, why not!

Indoor skating at Atrium 1000 is always an adventure since most students who participated have never put 2013-10-03+12.25.39on a pair of skates or haven’t put them on in a while. I found out the one of the RAs actually participated in some figure skating competitions when he was 11 years old. He showed us some of his moves and inevitably showed us how to fall gracefully. The Atrium is a great place to skate if you have never been before because you will always see groups of schools with students who have never skated before and so it is encouraging for everyone. Of course there are always those who skate in the middle of the ice so they can show off their skills but they are friendly and not intimidating. This time there was an adorable young girl who skated better than all of us combined. That was a little embarrassing.

2013-10-08+15.38.26Curling is also a sport that requires ice but instead of skates we get to keep our shoes on, provided they are clean. Curling is a sport where a person glides on the ice with a heavy stone aiming to hit the bulls eye target at the other end of the ice. The other team mates are sweepers and they help the stone get to it’s destination if it needs it by sweeping the surface of the ice in front of the stone clean so the stone glides faster. As a student once said, it’s like bowling and darts on ice. Exactly. The building which houses the Royal Montreal Curling Club, where we had our lesson, just happens to be the oldest sports club in North America. Architecturally, it is the only curling club built like an airplane hanger rather than an ice rink, which makes it unique and beautiful. After a OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAbrief history lesson by our instructor, we were escorted to the ice where we were told to put a slider on our dominant foot and then made to glide across the ice to practice our balance. Some of us ended flat on our butts because ice is slipperier with a slider. We then were given step by step instructions on how to glide without the stone, and then with the stone, and then how to sweep. And then we were allowed to play a game where the goal is to knock out the other teams stones and get to the target to accumulate the most points. Needless to say, we all had a great time and I can’t wait to do it again next term.

– Gigi, Activities and Student Coordinator, Fall 2013