The Montreal Biosphere for SCI 155

IMG_20131108_103659You know that you are going to have a fun trip when you enter the metro station and your train has a mustache on it.  The STM (Société de transpost de Montréal) is participating in “Movember”, a charity to raise money for prostate cancer research and awareness.  See: and .

The classy looking train aside, we boarded and went, for our second time, to Parc IMG_0850Jean-Drapeau.  Instead of cleaning up the shoreline, we went to visit the Biosphère, which is a building that was left over from the 1967 Expo.  It is a large, wire-framed dome covering the building underneath.  Initially, there was glass around the dome, but after a fire, the glass was removed.

 Inside the Biosphère, there are a variety of rooms that you can wander around.  The first room was filled with floor to ceiling tubes of waste: plastic bags, discarded cell phones, etc.  There are sentences written on the walls all around the room about how different people are reducing waste and stress on the environment.  We wandered IMG_0851around this room for a few minutes, picking out the cell phones that we once owned, and then we moved on.

The next room was a science lab where they showed the effects of acid rain, and various organisms.  They also had an area where you could see how much carbon your house uses in each area.  Shelby even conducted a water-based experiment!IMG_0852

 After the science lab, the next room showed a film on how the Inuit people hunt and maintain the ecosystem that they live in.  They show how they survive in their cold climate by hunting polar bears and making their own clothing.  We watched the whole film, and then moved on to the top floor of the building.

The top floor is filled with various exhibits on energy.  They had an interactive board where yoIMG_0855u had to create renewable energy sources in the world.  They also had a few other interactive exhibits that showed how much energy it takes to move water, and they even had a life size hamster wheel, which showed how much energy it took to power a light and a fan!

All in all, going to the Biosphère was a fun experience.  It was very eye IMG_0857opening in the amount of waste that we produce and how much energy it takes to power simple appliances like a light or a fan.

– Jordan Lamotte, Cyber Security Major, Fall 2013