La Banquise bien sur!

logo Hier après midi, Shelby, Nora, et moi (et notre prof de français, Denis) sommes allés au restaurant La Banquise, pour manger de la poutine.

No, don’t worry – this is not all in French.  As stated above (for those of you who do not speak French), our Conversational French class went out for an end of the semester meal yesterday afternoon at La Banquise to get some poutine.

Poutine is a Québécois comfort food that consists of fries (the crispier the better), cheese curds, and gravy.  Various poutine restaurants have their own variations.  La Banquise is a 24-hour poutine establishment with a wide variety to choose from; it is located at 994 Rue Rachel (east) in Montréal, and is celebrating its 45th year in business.  It is a go-to spot for late night poutine.

We walked from the academic center on the snowy afternoon, and discussed (in French, of course) our plans for the coming weeks.  We arrived at La Banquise, and the restaurant was fairly empty – I have never seen it that empty before.  Of course we went there for a purpose – to practice our French skills and discuss our experiences in Montréal.  We ordered our poutine, which included La Savoyarde (poutine with bacon, onions, Swiss cheese, and sour cream), L’Obélix (poutine with smoked meat), and La Trois Viandes (poutine with steak, pepperoni, and bacon).

The food arrived fast, and it was amazing.  The fries at La Banquise are always crispy, and the flavors go photo+(3)really well together.
As we ate our food, the four of us discussed our experiences in the city (which included talking about our adventures to IKEA and Jean-Talon), and our plans for continuing on with our French language studies.  All of this was accomplished using French.
When I started taking this course, I was nervous.  I had taken years of French in high school, but I had not used my knowledge in 3 years, and being in a French immersion class was terrifying to me.  I am glad that I took this class, because I have become more confident in myself in speaking French, and I have gained a lot of knowledge.  After my experiences taking French here in Montréal, I am ready to start taking more French classes again!


– Jordan Lamotte, Cyber Security Major, Fall 2013