My time at Minority Media

1801121-papo_y_yo_announced_for_psn_puzzle_platformer_coming_early_2012Minority Media, the studio that brought you the critically acclaimed adventure that is Papo y Yo, is a small and amazing community of individuals. We toured their studio and the whole thing could be seen immediately as you entered the door. The setup is extremely open and it is very encouraging to get up, walk to someone else’s desk and communicate – and people do. From what we could see, during our visit, it was just a collection of friends making games.

I had actually met two people from Minority before coming to the studio. Tali, a producer, and Rommel, a writer, were at the TAG Gamerella Game Jam where Kyle Debona, Carlos Gutierrez, Josh Kleber, Cody Winchester and I created one of our proudest works: Quintessence. Meeting them there, and their being impressed by our game, led to Carlos and I receiving an incredible opportunity.Screen-Shot-2013-10-15-at-2.33.44-PM

We were informed that they were looking for experienced game testers for a project they are working on. I cannot disclose details about that project, but the overall experience has been nothing short of amazing. We were accepted into the studio very quickly; in fact, on day three, we were introduced to the entire team around a showcase of Quintessence, the game that brought us there. I couldn’t have asked for a better reception.

papo_and_yo_oxcgn_screenshot-1Minority Media is more than just a studio; it’s almost like a home. Every Tuesday and Thursday, for instance, a chef comes in to prepare a meal for everyone; and not just Minority, but all of the people on that floor come together to eat. On top of that, there is their mascot: A small, one-eyed, French bulldog named Flia. She runs around, guilt trips people into playing with her and is just generally uplifting. Even when she cries, begging for attention, she is adorable.

Working with them has been an extremely eye opening experience for me. Not only is the environment so friendly and approachable, but the work has led me to understand so many possibilities of design for both systems and gameplay. Not to mention that my debugging skills have improved dramatically. These two weeks with them have only confirmed my suspicion that working in the game industry is going to be the best.
–  Dylan Goff, Game Design Major, Fall 2013