GDD 325: The Art of the Montreal Metro

IMG_4640When taking the subway there are many ways to approach the ride. Keep flipping songs on your iPod until you get to a foot tapping tune or people watch the shit out of everyone. But on this particular day my class- Duality and Design took a look at what really shapes the means of transportation around Montreal. The underground, which can be looked at in many different angles, was built in the 1960’s with a very modernistic IMG_4659approach. Now, it ain’t so modern.  But if you look closer at the shapes, arches, and lighting built around those walls, you’ll see there’s much to be discovered.

People don’t find appreciation in something until it’s dissected enough to understand. It took me a second to start involving myself with the metro stations. And then it hit me. Literally every station was different. Not just the walls or the floors, but the lights and the benches and the layout from top to bottom. I had been riding the metro for 6 weeks now almost daily and I never once took a second to see what I was feeling in that IMG_4636moment-shocked.

I’ve never been one to get excited about lighting or the textures of walls but recently I have become fascinated! I’m falling in love with interior design more everyday. The aesthetics of an area really create a vibe. Not to sound corny but I felt something different at each metro station. Whether it was the red, orange and yellow benches that blended right into the floor, or the station that made me feel like planets were surround me. The designs created these emotions. I wanted to know more. Where did these ideas come from? Is there a significance for each metro station? Why the different lights?

There are multi-layers to Montreal and the underground is the foundation. Without the metro people would be metro photosscrounging for a way to get around. Pay more attention next time you take a ride. It’ll give you a taste of Montreal’s finest underground system.

– Alison Barnes, Public Relations Major, Spring 2014

Metro excursion