Spring Break Forever


After seven weeks of nonstop class, trips, studio visits, and events, last week we all finally had the opportunity to get some well deserved rest. However, even though class was out, there were still several cool things planned over break for those of us who stayed in the city.

Kicking off the break on Saturday night was Nuit Blanche, an all night, city-wide event at the tail end of the Montréal en Lumière festival. We explored the activities on St. Catherine’s Street, which included attractions like a ferris wheel and a huge slide made of ice that went throughout the plaza. Then we went to the SAT to see some of the interactive art exhibits they had on display. Later on there was a free concert back on St. Catherine’s that drew in a ton of people: I feel a little sorry for anyone trying to sleep that night within a five block radius. After the concert, we walked through the city to La Banquise, a 24 hour restaurant famous for its poutine. Overall Nuit Blanche was a great night, and fun way to see Montreal from a different perspective.


After a few days to fix our sleep schedule from Nuit Blanche, we had a night out for bowling. I had been looking forward to going bowling for several weeks, so this was set to be the highlight of my break. We got a few lanes and had a great time eating nachos and bowling for a few hours. When we finished bowling, we noticed on the way out of the mall that there was a movie theater, and a few of us split off to catch a movie. Luckily for us, we stumbled into some sort of promotional night (Cheap Tuesday’s) and managed to get tickets for only $6! Again, this was another great night out.



Finally, on Thursday we had a group lunch scheduled at The Main, a deli on St. Laurent famous for its smoked meat. After a great meal, we decided to take a walk to Mont Royal. Most of us had not been to the mountain yet, so it was pretty surprising to be walking through the city and suddenly find ourselves in an open park with a small mountain in front of us. A nice 30 minute walk/hike later, we were treated with a great view of the city. We hung out at the summit for a little while before making our way back down.

 Overall, it was a great week with plenty of time to relax and recharge for the second half of the semester.

– Written by Jak Tiano, Game Design Major and Official Blogger