Internship Experience of a Lifetime

Nomad Alison1It takes a lot of personal courage to adapt in another country, culture, and community. The first time I was away from home for a long period of time it was uncomfortable for me, but I don’t think I was ready. Now 5 years later being in Montreal I have adapted so well I don’t want to leave. Montreal has become my home in the last few months and it wouldn’t have been the same without my internship at NOMAD Industries.

NOMAD Industries is a content agency in the Mile End of Montreal. They create Nomad Alison 2stories out of media. Whether it’s a photo shoot, documentary or a morning fever dance party that has you movin’ til the crack of dawn they’re always creating something magical.

I always knew in my mind my career path would take me somewhere creative, and NOMAD couldn’t have been more up my “alley” when choosing an internship for the semester.  I’ve learned everything from editing movies to designing events. I’ve written press releases, viewed over 300 blogs for contact info, and currently in the middle of planning my own dance movement. Above all that I’ve been working in a bilingual atmosphere. It’s been an incredible experience I will never forget.

Nomad Alison3NOMAD Industries has helped redefine what career choices I decide to make after college. I’ve always had a key eye for event coordinating and interior design. I’ve recognized that you need to get involved with many things you love and that excite you in order to find the right occupation to fill that passion. Thanks to this internship I’ve found that passion, and I can’t wait to get out into the world and start using my skills in what I love.

–          Alison Barnes, Public Relations Major, Spring 2014