Young at Heart in Quebec City

QCspring2014-21With the snow still on the ground the students of Champlain College’s Study Aboard Program are ready for the first weekend of April. April 4th – 6th, the Quebec City trip would be a welcome reprieve from the stress of approaching finals. It was going to be an enjoyable weekend for the students.

It began with casual snowballs thrown among members of our little group. As the group wandered toward the fort QCspring2014-13walls the fight turned into a war. Which soon turned into a king of the hill snowball barrage with Ryan Leslie at the center. After our group had brought down Ryan’s aristocracy the playful nature matured briefly. That was until we reached the Plains of Abraham.

QCspring2014-16Greeted by a field of waist high snow and raised walls at the city’s edge the group’s recently found maturity was forgotten. Walking the wall’s edge, mere inches from a precarious drop which was casually ignored by the group. Then we found the buried benches. These benches caused our eyes to widen in amazement as we discovered just how deep the snow was. Leading to the birth of our fearless trail blazers that emerged on the Plains of Abraham.

Following the un-trodden path our group split into various adventuring parties, myself included, that would soon discover the many hidden pitfall of the snow. The laughter steadily grew as the various adventures ended the same way, waist deep in the snow. Leaving one member of the group in tears with what followed.

What happened next is what we now referred to as the snow proposal. Ryan had gotten stuck on the gazebo stairs. His call for assistance would be answered by


John Cotto. Cotto made his way to Ryan, but the snow had other plans. Stepping toward Ryan, Cotto sunk to one knee arms extended revealing his new intentions, this unexpected proposal left Ryan teary eyed. Overjoyed by the fake proposal our group celebrates with a game at the reception.

Referred to as the snow boulder challenge. The prepared festivity included cameras, ¬†shouts of encouragement, and two giant boulders of snow. It was to be a test of strength and a show of foolishness from the group. We were intent on the uprooting of these boulders, and we weren’t going to stop until we had accomplished the deed. It would be the last mark our group would leave on the Plains of Abraham.

Soaked below the waist after the visit to the Plains of Abraham we were looking for hot chocolate, but sadly it would be in vain. The rotating cafe would have been our next stop, but we soon discovered it had closed for good. Having not lost the appeal with the snow our group hosted a impromptu snowball challenge outside. Seeing who would be the first to hit the red ball that sat atop the information board. Not to brag, but I won. So to celebrate we returned to the hostel to dry off.

QCspring2014-15Heat cranked, soaked cloths, and reminiscing about the day’s antics. Room 224 become the students personal drying rack for the group’s clothes. Looking forward to the evening’s planned events of dinner and a nap, the students took a well need break for the day.

This was only the second day of our Quebec City trip. The students’ trip to Quebec had been quite an enjoyable experience and there would be more adventures to follow.

– Ian Sartwell, Game Design Major, Spring 2014