The Final Countdown

IMG_2907While my co-blogger Lucy will be writing the final post of the school year, I’d still like to take this time as the semester comes to a close to reflect on everything I’ve experienced during my time in the city of Montreal. Over the last few months I’ve written about what has challenged me, how I’ve grown, and my own discoveries about Montreal. Now looking back, I can see how much I’ve changed since I arrived in January.

My first few blog posts were mostly about the things that were difficult about being in a new city and a IMG_3046new country. Adjusting to food shopping, managing my time in a place where there were always things to do, and wrestling with the language differences were all things I struggled with in the beginning of the semester. That first month living in Canada was one of the most hectic times of my life, but was also one of my biggest periods of growth. It was similar to the feeling I had when first going off to college, where I didn’t know what to expect and had to really stay open minded and adapt. However, by the time spring break rolled around I was over that hump and enjoying everything Montreal had to offer.

IMG_1999The next three blog posts that I wrote were all about my time enjoying the city. With a lot of the anxiety gone, I really was able to dive into the festivals, cuisine and career opportunities that Montreal has on tap. I wrote about my experiences at Nuit Blanche, going bowling, and visiting Mont Royal over spring break. I explained the mysteries of poutine and where best to get it (check out the post if you have family coming to pick you up and are looking for recommendations!). I was just generally having a good time, and it reflected in what I chose to write about.

Now as I write this, I only have ten days left in Montreal. It’s strange to be leaving a city that I’ve spent IMG_3911so much time in, and have learned so much about. I have taken in the art, culture, and history of Montreal more than any place in the United States, and I’ve made a real connection to the city. If you ever get the chance to visit Montreal, whether it be through the Champlain Abroad program or otherwise, you should jump at the chance. As I end my final post, I’d like to say that sharing my experiences here on this blog has been really valuable for me, and I hope it has been just as useful for you. Thanks for reading.

– Jak Tiano, Game Design Major, Official Blogger, Spring 2014