Working In Montreal

Taber Noble picAfter my time spent studying abroad in Montreal, I knew it would be an amazing city to be a part of after graduation rolled around for me. Being there was hands down the best experience I had at this school, and it gave me the chance to meet some amazing individuals working in my field. After learning so much during that one semester, it only seemed logical that actually working in this environment would continue to open up new opportunities and personal adventures. Fortunately, with the help of Champlain’s career services I managed to land a job as a 3D environment artist working for Compulsion Games in Montreal. So far it been an incredibly challenging gig, but one that is also very rewarding. This area is essentially the North-eastern Hollywood for game development, and it is easy to find yourself in a room where everyone around you is someone you can learn from. So far the poutine and French Canadian hospitality has been great. I look forward to learning more from my peers here in the city and finding my way through this newfound artistic career.


–Taber Noble, Alumni 2013, Fall 2014