The Curling Challenge

curlingCurling.  A sport where you slide big rocks across ice and try to land near a target.  Sounds pretty easy right?  Not so much.  On October 21st, a few of us champlainers ventured to the Royal Montreal Curling Club to try out the chilly sport.  As soon as we walked in, a very serious woman told us to all go into the changing rooms and change into our curling attire.  None of us knew what that meant, so we kind of all just walked into the changing rooms and pretended to change our shoes.

After ‘changing’ we had to wait for the current curlers to finish practicing while we were told some of the basic rules.  The curlers we were waiting on were probably all old curling1enough to have grandkids our age, and were doing pretty well, so we were all pretty confident in an easy time.

We met our instructor, who tried to teach us how to do the slide part of curling.  Sure enough, I was the first one to completely fall on the ice, but many followed shortly after me.  When we felt like we had learned to slide and shoot the stone well enough, we were taught how to scrub.  Scrubbing is using an ice mop to melt the ice in front of the stone to help it travel farther.  It looks extremely ridiculous…. and feels that way too, but very fun!  It is also much more difficult than you would think scrubbing ice would be.

We divided into two teams, red and blue.  While we thought we were all prepared to finally actually curl, most of us learned that we were pretty terrible.  Our spirits fell a bit more when the oldest curler we had seen came in to practice and was infinitely better than all of us combined, and he didn’t even have scrubbers.  While the MAGNIFICENT red team was able to get a bulls eye in the third round, with how curling is scored, the blue team won.

Afterwards, I think all of us gained a brand new appreciation for the chilly sport.  The sport is a lot more difficult than you would think sliding rocks on ice could be.  While difficult,  it is very fun and a very unique sport.  Afterwards, I think we all had the sudden urge to drink hot cocoa and call our grandparents.

– Hadara White, Game Art Major, Fall 2014