SCI155: The Biosphere, Yeah!

IMG_20141024_112846Since we arrived in Montreal it has loomed in the distance. That big spiderweb looking orb. I wasn’t really sure what it was at first but on Friday, our Environmental Science class finally got to see what it was all about. Walking up to it felt like approaching this big SciFi laboratory with the building contained in the huge sphere and once we were inside that wasn’t very far off.

Our first stop was a room that had a collection of floor to ceiling pillars that were filled with trash and general Biosphere3waste that we generate in our lives and showing how it affected Earth. The walls were filled with thoughts that could lead to generating more trash and one that stuck out to me was “I want this new video game” since I had recently just bought a new video game (oops). After that we saw a room showing how the arctic environment was being changed, but also ways it could be helped. This was a running theme and the biosphere and a refreshing change of pace from normal talks about climate change since it was less about how much we had messed everything up and more what people are doing to make it better. There was also plenty of pictures of adorable animals.

Biosphere2The next exhibit we saw was not something any of us were expecting, as we stumbled upon a fashion show. A fashion show of dresses made of recycled material and waste. It’s hard to visualize how much waste we generate but when you see a dress made entirely of old computer parts or plastic it becomes much clearer picture and as cool as this stuff was its not a good sign that this sort of thing can be made. Finally we took the elevator to the top floor that was filled with cool experiments in power generation. It was very entertaining to watch my fellow classmates run on a giant hamster wheel to power a tiny fan to cool them off while they ran on a hamster wheel. Overall the trip was both interesting and fun as well as informing us that as bad as things are getting there are steps we can take to start making them better.

– Spencer Owen, MCRM major, Fall 2014