The Little Things

photoI am currently in the process of completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. My hope is to one day own a business. This semester I chose to intern for Champlain College Montreal Campus in their business administration offices. I have really enjoyed my interning experience. On top of working with budgets and spread sheets I also had some odd tasks to complete. It may seem strange to find enjoyment out of such simple tasks, but I did.

One of the projects that I completed was the task of organizing all the extra keys. I had to organize around 60 keys and find out which keys went to which locks in the building. I also created a spread sheet which kept track of which keys we had and the amount of each key on hand. I then spent the following day creating name tags and tag numbers for each of the keys. At first this task seemed overwhelming but I found that it was enjoyable and very rewarding.

I think that simple tasks like this are easily ignored in an office. One possible reason is that people are so busy with larger tasks, which take priority, that simple tasks are ignored. As time goes on something as simple as labeling file folders can turn into a larger mess than anticipated. Having an office that is unorganized can make it difficult to find something. Most people don’t want to spend the time searching for something that could easily be found, if it was organized properly. This is why I enjoy many of these simple tasks. Because it is rewarding to know that the little things help to create a neater and more organized office, which in turn can create more efficient work production.

The biggest thing that I will take away from my internship is how important it is to be organized. Whether it is something extremely important, like cash flows, or something small like labeling, staying organized is important for a business. It is a skill I will be sure to implement in any business I work in, or own.

– Kelsey Keown, Business Administration Major, Fall 2014