Working at Hololabs

15939329535_149c4bea99_oHow to begin to describe working at Hololabs? Its, a unique experience to say the least. I work in a loft apartment off of Avenue de Gaspé. Work is strangely quiet aside from me and my boss talking about marketing projects that we have going. I work at a long table that I have made into my desk. We will eat lunch as a group occasionally but for the most part it’s like we’re separate people in one large room. There’s, Astrid: my boss, and the community manager. Maura: design intern. Steven, whose job description changes depending on the week, Mike the designer programmer, boss of Hololabs and John the programmer.

The average day at Hololabs is fairly quiet. I will meet briefly with Astrid to decide on what needs to get done that day, and then that’s about it. The rest of Hololabs chats as they work on the projects that they’re assigned. Its cozy here, each day I work on something slightly different. Yesterday I was contacting various blog influencers the day before I was doing research and making Papercades. One thing that can be said about working at a small firm is that no two days are quite the same.papercade_ID

Working there has taught me a lot about the industry. There are so many valuable connections that I have made while working there. Hololabs is what brought me to MRGS in the first place, something that I never would have gone to otherwise. This internship has really helped me break into the industry in a big way. I have been to MIGS, gotten a variety of contacts and cultivated many new skills – all of which will give me an edge over other students in the future.

Hololabs: Came for the credit. Left with a variety of skills, friends and connections that are worth far more than three credit points.



– Joshua Sharp, MCRM, Fall 2014