A Wax Wonderland?

DSC01096When most people hear the question “Hey want to go to a wax museum?” the general answer is “ehhhhhhhhhh I don’t know.” I know this was my response when I was first asked to visit the Grevin Wax Museum. There’s something creepy to me about seeing life size replicas of famous Canadian and American celebrities posing around me. However, curiosity got the best of me, and I signed up for the trip.

I was confused because the museum is located on the 5th floor of the Eaton Centre Mall. I couldn’t fathom how a museum on the 5th floor of a mall could fit enough wax replicas to call itself a museum. Well, as we ventured in we were greeted with a downward escalator followed by another, then a long hallway that had lights hanging down that reminded me of the scene from Finding Nemo where they are trapped in the jellyfish. The place was huge! Looking from the outside there’s no way to tell the size of it.DSC01108

At first I thought the first two replicas were actual humans standing in a costume.  It was an unsettling feeling in that I thought that one of the figures would actually be a real person and scare me when I got close to them. The first ten minutes was me slowly approaching each model with caution, I’m sure it was amusing to watch.

After I got over the fear of fake celebrities jumping at me the trip was very fun.  My fellow students and I took pictures with Tiger Woods, Obama, Ghandi, Brad Pitt and MANY others.  Some even had props you could wear to strike a pose with. My personal favorite part was the demo room where they had videos playing along with wDSC01085ax body parts in cases showing how the replicas were made.  It had a kind of Frankenstein feel to it.

All in all I have changed my view on our little wax friends down on Sainte-Catherine. I recommend that you check it out and hopefully you aren’t as scared as I was to get close to them.

-Matthew Leta, Management of Creative Media, Spring 2015